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Ellerbrok’s Nurseries

Ellerbrok's Nurseries

Established in 1953, Ellerbrok’s Nurseries was one of the first professional landscape and design consultant firms in Cape Breton and one of the first ornamental Nurseries in Nova Scotia.

Bill and Lina Ellerbrok immigrated to Cape Breton from Europe, leaving a family run nursery business to continue their own goals in Canada.

In the earlier years, Ellerbrok’s Nurseries was responsible for the design and overseeing of many well known larger projects in Sydney,  such as: Wentworth Park, Archibald Playground, St. Rita Hospital, Lingam Golf and Country Club Colliery Land Park, Memberto Canada Games Complex, and the Queen Elizabeth Park in Glace Bay.

Today, Ellerbrok’s Landscaping Solutions, still family owned, continue to provide the unique design and exceptional experience in planning, developing and completing projects for our clients.

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Wentworth Park

Ellerbroks history

St. Rita Hospital

Today, almost 50 years later Ellerbrok’s Nurseries is still a successful family owned business, now third generation with the experience of designing and overseeing the construction of more recent projects such as: Colliery Land Park, Membertou Canada Games Complex and hundreds of residential properties and several private parks.

Colliery Lands Park

collerie lands park

One such park is our own gardens, which, as part of our 50th anniversary will be accepted as the third registered Botanical Garden in Canada with the AABGA (American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta).

With the latest technology in computerized design equipment, and our experienced staff we have the up most confidence that Ellerbrok’s Nurseries would be more then suitable for a project such as Neville Park. Not only with the success of other such projects, but also the ability to work closely with the community involved, makes Ellerbrok’s Nurseries an asset to your project.

As a local firm we understand the needs of this project and the impotence of its successful completion.