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Services We Offer

Conceptual, Top view

A 'to scale' digital drawing of your project from a top view.

Conceptual, Rendering

A rendering of your design from any angle or elevation.

Virtual walk through presentation

A real time walk through presentation of your project.

Detailed architectural and technical drawings

All required drawings for planning and construction of your project

Project cost estimating/ budgeting

A detailed breakdown of estimated costs and in collaboration with the client, prepare a workable budget that will see the project completed.

Project management

With our experience and vast contacts in the industry, we will manage the complete project with continuous updates of progress to the client during the construction of the project.

Landscaping Services (residential, commercial and recreational)

  • Digital 3D Landscape Design
  • Consulting
  • Landscape Construction
  • Hardscaping
  • Pruning

Water department (residential, commercial and recreational)

  • Fully automated sprinkler systems installation and maintenance
  • Residential services installed and repair

Water department (development and infrastructure)

  • Distribution waterline installation and repair
  • Distribution water line value installation and repair
  • Fire Hydrant installation, maintenance and repair